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Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us the great commission to spread the gospel (“good news”) to all the nations. Therefore, we reach out to places of need in our local community, in our country and throughout the world. We support Christian missions with our time, our treasures and our talents. We give our time to perform tasks at home and afar. We invest our dollars in missions near and far. We devote our talents to build, to nurture and to uplift. We support missionaries. We are missionaries.

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Current Opportunity to Serve during COVID 19

During the crisis, Urban Impact has been providing & delivering essential items such as groceries, household items, prescriptions, and academic materials to over 200 families across the North Side on a weekly basis.  They are serving many families right now with many needs.  Many of these families do not have an adult that is able to shop for basic food right now and/or the financial resources to do so. 
There are many ways our team can help:
  • We are looking for families to “adopt a family”  – this would entail communicating with the family to understand their needs and bringing them essential items and groceries on a regular basis.
  • We can also adopt families as a church  mission group and can split the work, in this case we would need shoppers, deliverers etc.  
  • Donate Money, Gift Cards, or high Demand Items.  High demand items are currently: proteins, produce, and gift cards.
    We are planning to collect these items from our group, and make a drop offs Thursday mornings of high demand items including produce, proteins, and gift cards – we will do this for the next 2 weeks – then discuss ongoing plans as a group during our May 12th meeting.
    If you collect or have donations – I can plan to meet up with you late day Wednesday or early Thursday – so that I can get everything down there for Thursday morning.
    Please reach out by text, cell or email.
Urban Impact is a mission partner that we have started to work more closely with over the past several months.  They have been serving the youth of the Pittsburgh North Side for over 20 years, and you can read more information about them here. They are doing amazing work – and I am so excited that we are able to partner with them. 
Serving Christ Together,
Amanda Wodzenski
Union Church Missions
(412) 600-9496


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Due to the National Emergency, Church Buildings are closed until further notice.

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